Rocky Mountain Tradeswomen Network




Our Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Tradeswomen Network is an organization that provides a positive environment of support, encouragement, and educational opportunities for women exploring or actively involved in nontraditional occupations/careers.

The Purpose of RMTN

the RMTN was organized to provide various resources, support, networking opportunities, and education for women who are working, or who are interested in working in any non-traditional occupation or trade. In addition, RMTN is also established to promote and encourage the success of women in all trades, occupations, and professionals which traditionally have not been occupied by women, and professions which traditionally have not been occupied by women, and in keeping with this goal, RMTN is a non-profit organization organized to do the following:

  1. Provide relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged, particularly those lacking job skills or motivation, or those women among them who are interested in a non-traditional career;
  2. Advance trade skills, education and science, particularly among girls and women;
  3. Eliminate prejudice and discrimination, always defending human and civil rights; and
  4. Combat community deterioration or assist in the maintenance or improvement of community housing.

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